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Embracing Innovation: Angular 17's New Features Spotlighting Vite and Standalone Components

The continuous evolution of web development maintains its pace, and Angular, as a frontrunner in this race, is moving forward with exciting updates. With the advent of Angular 17, we are witnessing a leap into a future where development is faster, smoother, and more intuitive, thanks to the introduction of significant new features. As we unpack the latest release, special attention is drawn to the stable integration of Vite and the introduction of Standalone Components—enhancements that are set to redefine the Angular experience. Continue reading

Understanding Java's Long and Integer Cache

Java’s Integer and Long classes have a built-in caching mechanism that helps reduce memory overhead and improve performance. This cache is used when autoboxing primitive types into their corresponding wrapper classes. The Integer cache range is from -128 to 127 by default, while the Long cache has a fixed range from -128 to 127 as well. Continue reading

Capacitor and the Ionic Native Shake Plugin

In a client application (Android and iOS) I recently needed the shake gesture. Fortunately, there is an Ionic Native plugin for this. Although only iOS support appears in the documentation, the plugin worked without any problems under Cordova / Capacitor on Android. There were also no problems with the combination of Cordova and iOS. But the combination of Capacitor and iOS did not work. Since the app was already developed with Capacitor and I did not want to give away the advantages of Capacitor, I did some research. Continue reading

Rename fields in MongoDB documents

Often the structure of domain objects needs to be updated to reflect some recent business case changes in your app. A lot of devs I worked with are not annoyed with different docs and domain objects. But I like to reflect changes in the domain object in the underlying collection documents. Continue reading
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