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Quick Tip: Remove IntelliJ IDEAs unused directories on OS X

After upgrading IntelliJ the old directories still remain unused. I suggest to delete them. Cache: ~/Library/Caches/<Tool><Version> Logs: ~/Library/Logs/<Tool><Version> Plugins: ~/Library/Application Support/<Tool><Version> IntelliJIdea (Ultimate) or IdeaIC (Community)

Frontend Logging with JavaFX and Log4j 2

Although I’m developing Java EE applications with HTML5, I sometimes have to build Java SE applications with a Frontend. I’ve used Swing or AWT in the past. But since JavaFX 2.0 get lost of that awful JavaFX Script, JavaFX is my weapon of choice. Recently I wrote a multithreaded applications that needs to inform the user of some working results. I guess I was some kind of blue-eyed when I wrote this log function. Continue reading

Maven Plugin to check for Methods that are not implemented

Recently my former colleague, IBM Champion and also highly regarded friend Oliver Busse wrote a blog post called Quick-Tip: never forget empty methods anymore. In summary, it can be stated that Oli throws an UnsupportedOperationException to signalize that a method is not implemented. I see this approach often and there is nothing wrong with that. But I think there are two disadvantages: 1. In my humble opinion the usage of UnsupportedOperationExceptionto signalize that a method is not yet implemented is some kind of mistreatment Continue reading

Tooltip: Unirest - Lightweight HTTP Request Client Libraries

There are a lot of HTTP libraries available in the Java universe like the Apache HttpClient library. Also Java provides the HttpURLConnection class as a standard on-board. They all have in common that I (and thats just my humble opinion ;)) don’t like them really because they feel like a way back in 2001. So today I stumbled over unirest, a simple and lightweight HTTP request client library for Java (and also other other languages like Ruby or C#). Continue reading
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